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Restorative Workplace Culture

When employees lack a sense of shared purpose they lose morale and motivation. When conflicts go unaddressed, they produce grudges and stagnance. 


Low morale, low motivation + stagnance = Diminished performance.


And diminished performance impacts the bottom line, whether that is net profits, service to the community, or excellence in customer service. 


A restorative workplace culture generates a dynamic balance of high expectations coupled with a high level of support, enabling your employees to become high performers and feel fulfilled at work!  


KMA will engage your team through practical, hands-on training that empowers employees to: 


  • Increase accountability to each other and the agency’s objectives

  • Voice and listen to differing ideas and feedback

  • Develop skills to address conflict

  • Participate in a culture that builds confidence 

  • Cultivate internal leadership through train-the-trainer methodology


Together with your agency’s leadership, KMA consultants will design and implement methods and systems for sustained culture change. We will assess and modify policy and procedure to align with your organizational values and purpose. 


Our approach is not a prescriptive formula or a one-size-fits-all. We will collaborate with you to customize our services according to your team’s current cultural climate and needs. 


Curious if KMA is a good match to work with your team? Please contact us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

“Kathleen's experience, professionalism, and uncanny ability to connect with people and solve big problems is unparalleled. Her leadership is one that remains humble and honest, making her approachable and genuine. She meets problems and conflicts with

understanding and a willingness to discuss and propose solutions while

allowing others to maintain their own sense of ownership.”

Karen S.

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