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Image by David Marcu

Conflict Facilitation for Workplaces

  • How much time and resource do you invest in employee issues that could be going towards innovating and improving your services? 


  • How much do you invest in performance evaluations and HR standards that only perpetuate bad behavior, resentment, and negativity at the office?


  • How much energy and morale are drained from your team when you finally terminate an employee and pour time into hiring and training their replacement?  


Did you know that it will cost your company approximately 33% of one employee’s annual salary to replace them? That’s a $20k cost to replace a manager earning $60k. 


Every workplace team can be seen as a micro-community that inevitably experiences conflict. At some point, people will feel like someone is not pulling their weight or fulfilling expectations. And inevitably, that will become a focal point for the team’s commiseration and will suck the life out of a group that otherwise was productive and successful… hurting your bottom line. 


Instead of losing time and precious resource dancing around the issue and relying on policy to correct behavior, we can support you with a participatory process that will empower your employees, build morale, and get the team back on track. 


Through facilitated dialogue emphasizing accountability and active commitments to change behavior, our facilitators will get to the root of your team’s challenges. Employees will reflect on their own behavior, consider its impacts on others, and gain skills for communicating in difficult conversations.


The result? 


  • Improved employee retention and morale that will save your company thousands every year. 

  • Clarity and alignment between your employees and the company’s overall goals. 

  • A workplace environment where employees bring their best, motivated by rewarding relationships and accountability for the bottom line. 


If your team is dealing with a challenging or persistent conflict and you are ready to address it and move on, please contact us for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

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