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Image by David Marcu

Conflict Facilitation for Families

When harmful incidents occur within families, the impacts can be devastating. People often say it is hardest to move on from being hurt by a member of their own family. Painful experiences can lead family members to isolate from each other, imagine the worst, and get stuck thinking there is no way forward. 


Our facilitated restorative dialogues offer a unique and nuanced approach to creating space for honesty and vulnerability, leading to a path of healing and repair. 


Through our restorative dialogues, you and your family will have the opportunity to:


  • Gain perspective and understanding on past events 

  • Rebuild relationships based on accountability, empathy, and respect 

  • Co-create a plan for rebuilding trust over time


The healing path looks different for every incident and every family. The agreements for relational repair reached through the restorative dialogue respond uniquely to each person’s needs and requests. 


Our trained facilitators will work with you to develop a plan of action that provides each family member a sense of being heard, seen, and valued. 


If you’re ready to experience new perspective, repair, and healing within your family, contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Don’t let the hurt and harm of the past continue to control your family’s future. Let us support you to heal and move forward.

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