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Testimonials: Clients


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Colorado State Senator Pete Lee

Chairman of Legal Services and State Judiciary Committees

"Kathleen is a titan and a foundation who has done extraordinary work in advancing the field of Restorative Justice. Under Kathleen's leadership, Longmont became an epicenter for Restorative Justice in Colorado. Kathleen has that unique ability to attract, inspire, and motivate people to do their best work and she has applied that skill to build Longmont Community Justice Partnership into the preeminent Restorative Justice program in the state."

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Dr. Shannon Sliva

Faculty Co-Chair of the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver

“Shortly after making my way to Colorado, Kathleen McGoey became one of my most trusted thought partners. She is a rare combination: a skilled facilitator of restorative practices and a highly effective organizational leader and structural change agent. I’ve admired her work in developing and nourishing a restorative culture at the Longmont Community Justice Partnership and, to no small extent, the Longmont Police Department. As a result, I’ve eagerly invited Kathleen to guest teach on the topic of restorative practices in the workplace in my Restorative Approaches in Social Work class in the Graduate School of Social Work.

Thanks to her generosity, she’s been a mainstay in my curriculum for the past five years, imparting unique practical wisdom to my students about the mechanisms of organizational and systems change using restorative approaches. Her presentation style is engaging, nurturing, and creative, and her teaching tips – such as those presented in her book, The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools – have helped me in my own instruction and facilitation. I highly recommend working with Kathleen as a facilitator, instructor, and expert on bringing restorative practices to the workplace.”

Client 7

Dr. Miles Nichols

Medicine with Heart

“I think the restorative process adds a lot of value to businesses. I had only really heard of it applied to the justice and school systems previously. I hope that a greater appreciation in the corporate world opens to this style of process. I don't take lightly when there is an issue with an employee. As a business owner, I feel strongly that I want to keep the people I have and help them to elevate and grow. I feel that part of my role as a leader is to give opportunity for someone who is struggling to be able to grow into a solution. I understand why businesses let people go and I've had to do that before. However, it is costly and a big deal to the person when their livelihood is suspended for a time. The restorative process I believe could save many businesses the expense of training a new employee when it is successful and someone who would have been fired remains with the company.”

Client 8

Dr. Lindsey Pointer

Assistant Director National Center on Restorative Justice, Vermont Law School

"I have known and worked with Kathleen in so many capacities - as collaborators, co-facilitators, co-trainers, co-authors, and as her employee and mentee. In each of these experiences, I’ve witnessed her absolute commitment to the restorative values of relationship, respect, and accountability. In all that she does, Kathleen is thoughtful, responsive, hard-working, inspiring, and fun! She is capable of relating to and communicating the restorative philosophy to a wide range of stakeholders and supporting program implementation that is sustainable and inclusive. You will love working with her and benefit in more ways than you can imagine from her restorative spirit and expertise."

Client 7

Mike Butler

Retired Police & Public Safety Chief, Longmont, Colorado

"Kathleen understands the dynamics of healthy partnerships. At LCJP, she consistently brought police officers and representatives from the community together and aligned their focus to meet often difficult to come-by outcomes in cases referred to restorative justice. 
She quickly gained and sustained the respect and confidence of all of our police officers and staff. I often observed our police officers asking, “What would Kathleen do or say?” in response to dynamics associated with restorative justice. She was also able to recruit, cultivate, and nurture police officers into becoming long-term liaisons between police services and LCJP."

Client 8

Elizabeth Janowski

CEO Sonata Aesthetics

"Kathleen has worked with our small medical business as both an advisor and a consultant. We brought her in to address communication concerns amongst staff and between staff and clients. We were drawn to her vast background with conflict, problem solving, and organizational leadership. Kathleen brings poise, calm and a wide lens to any and every issue. She has a natural intuition about just how to unite people and return the focus to the larger goals and mission of the organization. 


She is always well-prepared, thoughtful, and focused on transformative processes that have long-term results. Our team was brought closer and given skills to better manage moments of conflict in their roles. We hope to have her as a communications and conflict management resource and support for our staff for years to come."

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Karin Higgins

Former President of LCJP’s Board of Directors

"I came to volunteer at LCJP more than 10 years ago because I wanted to actively contribute to the role Restorative Justice plays in my community, but I stayed – and eventually joined and chaired LCJP’s Board of Directors – because of the enrichment Kathleen brought to my capabilities as a facilitator and because of the restorative principles she brought to the organization when she became Executive Director.  I have witnessed the exceptional skill, credibility and integrity that she embodies in this field not only at the local, regional and national level, but also in the international community of practitioners."

Client 1

Michael Brady

CEO of Generosity Wealth Management & Former President of LCJP’s Board of Directors

"Without the leadership of Kathleen McGoey, I feel strongly that Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP), an incredibly influential and revolutionary organization, would not be here today.


After the organization nearly closed its doors in 2015, I hired Kathleen as the new Executive Director to essentially save the organization. Kathleen expertly reorganized the staff, encouraging and coaching them into a motivated and cohesive team.  She reached out to rebuild relationships with all the various stakeholders, earning praise for her enthusiasm, optimism, and deep understanding of the differing needs of those served.  


Kathleen took an organization on its knees and transformed it once again into a thriving, exciting, and influential leader in the community.  Before she took the helm of LCJP, she talked about the vision and possibilities.  A short six years later, she exceeded all expectations for growth, impact, and success."

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