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“Kathleen connected well with her audience, was very knowledgeable and brought a vast amount of experience to the training. I appreciated her openness and willingness to share both successes and areas where improvement was noted in her own experiences with Community Restorative Justice, and how those learning points can be helpful in our city. I also appreciated her incorporation of interactive learning into the sessions. I learned a great deal about how such activities and experiences can really help the group connect, especially when many (participants) don't know each other well. This was an excellent presentation, and I am looking forward to more learning opportunities with Kathleen and KMA.

Law Enforcement Officer

Image by David Marcu

Community Restorative Justice

Community restorative justice is an evidence-based practice

that will transform your approach to crime and conflict. 


Why Community Restorative Justice?

  • Community Restorative Justice prioritizes the needs of those impacted by crime, including victims and community members, in a collaborative justice process.

  • Driven by active accountability, it asks those who have caused harm to take responsibility for their actions and make repairs to impacted relationships. 

  • Members of the community have agency in the justice process through circle-keeping and facilitation.

  • Definitions of success are determined by the local community and its goals for safety, reintegration, and trust. 

  • Outcomes include a satisfying experience for victims and community, reduced recidivism, and more healthy, connected families and neighborhoods. [LCJP via PenLink, 2021]


Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience leading and implementing cutting edge community restorative justice programming. We are experienced facilitators, trainers, program managers, organizational leaders, data and evaluation specialists, and law enforcement partners. 


We provide high quality training and consulting in: 

  • Design and Implementation of Community Restorative Justice Programs 

  • Law Enforcement Referrals and Partnership

  • Facilitation and Circle-Keeping 

  • Fundraising Strategies

  • Train-the-trainer 

  • Program Management and Case Coordination Support

  • Orientations for City Councils and Community Groups

  • Restorative Teaching Tools 

  • Prioritizing an Equity and Racial Justice Lens 

We will support you in working with youth, adults, and families on misdemeanor and felony level cases. Our expertise includes partnership with police, district attorneys, universities, and other community agencies. Our team will strategize with you to fine-tune restorative responses that meet the needs of your specific demographics and cultural context. 

If you are building a new Community Restorative Justice program, or seeking to grow and improve an existing one, please contact us for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

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