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"Kathleen truly understands the transformative power of restorative approaches in schools and is able to connect with educators on a deep level, empowering them to see the best in their students and themselves. Her vision and passion have been an invaluable support

to our school district's goal of knowing every student by name, strength, and need."

 Lisle Reed, Whole Child Initiatives Coordinator, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Image by David Marcu

Restorative School Community



Schools are under immense pressure to provide excellence in education and support for students. But what about the well-being of staff? 


When schools lack proactive relationship-building for staff, they will often suffer from:


  • Division: between administrators, teachers, and support staff

  • Incongruence: the same kindness and compassion extended to students and families is not reflected in collegial care

  • Overwhelm and burnout: constant demands from external forces lead to no time in the day for internal connection and support 


Many school communities are striving to create a restorative culture for students without  prioritizing restorative values and principles among staff. In our experience, it is imperative for the adults in the building to be engaged in a collegial restorative culture first to sustain a restorative culture with students. 


Our team of experienced trainers and educators will work with your school community to: 


  • Assess collegial climate and culture

  • Build capacity with the entire staff

  • Work collaboratively with your leadership team to design implementation models for sustainable restorative practices

  • Develop students’ capacity as restorative ambassadors

  • Partner with School Resource Officers to become restorative justice champions

  • Train the trainer for colleagues and students in experiential Restorative Teaching Tools


At KMA, we believe educators are leaders and pillars of society who deserve to be respected and celebrated. Our team will help you build a school culture where every employee feels seen, heard and valued. And when educators feel valued, students, families, and the entire community benefits. 


We are eager to hear from you and learn more about the challenges your school community is facing. Contact us for a confidential 30-minute consultation.

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