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About Kathleen McGoey

After working on the U.S.-Mexico border for five years in her twenties, Kathleen realized she was drawn to being the point of connection between people who perceive themselves to be divided. She began to practice the art of listening between the lines to track people’s values, inquiries, and inherent desire to be heard and respected. Kathleen recognized that her underlying motivation was to be a peacebuilder, and to successfully accomplish that, she needed to become more adept in conflict. She moved to Europe to further her education in conflict studies.

Kathleen attended the University of Innsbruck, Austria, to pursue an International Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, where she learned about Elicitive Conflict Transformation, a framework for peacebuilding created by John Paul Lederach. This method relates to conflict as a naturally occurring phenomenon that, when approached with certain skills and attitudes, can lead to transformed perspectives by all parties. She resonated with the concept and upon returning to the United States, began working in Restorative Justice - a practical, effective application of this strategy. 

Following an eleven-year career in nonprofit leadership, Kathleen now offers training, consultation, and facilitation for groups that seek to transform conflict and create more respectful relationships. Her services are applicable and effective in a wide range of environments: the workplace, community justice programs, schools, law enforcement agencies, and any setting that involves people who are willing to develop more ways to communicate and connect.  

Central to her journey as a peacebuilder is embodiment, experiential learning, and integration. Kathleen has written two books (insert Amazon Author link) to capture and share her personal experiences about the importance of not just whatshe does, but how she does it. She practices compassionate responsibility around her own growth, challenges, and blind spots so that she can be present and authentic in her work with others.

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